For shipping the products, UK Sleep Tablets, uses terms and conditions for a satisfactory purchase. This is the way this website sends its products:

1- Without wanting to replace medical advice, this website is created for informational purposes.

2- You must be over 21 years old to purchase any medication on this website.

3- You must be aware of and be responsible for full compliance with the import regulations issued by your country since this website is not responsible for goods that may be confiscated due to irregularities.

4- This website makes clear the importance of it, that before you make a purchase on this website and use any medication, consult your doctor to evaluate it and be the one who authorizes it. All clients on this website agree to buy the medications after the authorization of their doctor.

5- Products that are purchased through this website should be used for personal use only. They should not be supplied or resold to third parties.

6- The content found on this website is for informational purposes, so you should not self-diagnose any of the conditions listed here. Your doctor is the one who will make a diagnosis of your medical conditions.

7- This website is not responsible for delays in shipments that are caused by manufacturers or suppliers or by any other third party. If there is a delay due to a holiday or unforeseen postal system, it is not the responsibility of this website.

8- If you misuse the information provided or the products purchased on this website, they will not accept any responsibility.

9- This website reserves the right to change the brands of medicines or prices without prior notice. Make it clear that the images displayed are from the library, so they do not indicate the brand that you may receive.

10- Also, they reserve the right to withdraw any of the products that are for sale without prior notice.

11- It is not responsible for the changes that may occur in prices due to fluctuations that may occur in the international exchange rate. Likewise, due to distribution costs, changes in the cost of products may also occur.

12- Once you have made the payment, you cannot cancel the purchase of the product

13- By entering this website and making the purchase of any of the products, you confirm that this order will be for your use, as well as you will select the product and make the payment. Also, you confirm that you accept all the responsibility involved in using any of the products that are for sale on this website, and it is you who should be on the lookout for medical exams and consultations with your doctor to know if these products may cause some reaction. Only a specialist will know if the products sold on this website are appropriate for you.

14- By entering this website, you accept all the terms and conditions detailed in this list.

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